Methadone treatment now available in Franklinton
Parsons now also offers methadone treatment

5 Ways to Control Destructive Behavior

Destructive Behavior

Show contentIdentify the patternThink of the reasonGet supportUse failure to learnPrepare ahead of time Almost everyone has indulged in some form of destructive behavior in their lives. Sometimes such behaviors are temporary and don’t cause you to harm in the long run. However, when they become a habit, they can have significant physical and emotional […]

5 Signs You Need To See A Gynecologist


Show contentSign 1: Vaginal itching or dischargeSign 2: Menstrual irregularitiesSign 3: Sores or blisters on genitalsSign 4: Bleeding in between periodsSign 5: Painful intercourse The thought of seeing a gynecologist can make you feel nervous or embarrassed, but it is essential to ensure that you stay healthy. An appointment with a gynecologist is vital since […]

5 Effective Ways to Fight Addiction Relapses

group counseling

Show contentKnow your triggersTalk about your emotionsJoin group counselingFollow a routineAvoid boredom and stress Addiction is a chronic disease that changes the brain’s structure in the presence of addictive substances like (heroin, meth, and cocaine). The changes push the brain into a mode where it constantly craves those substances. That’s why substance addiction is a […]

5 Tips To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

physical activity

Show contentTip 1: Avoid artificial trans fatsTip 2: Know your cholesterol levels and have them checked regularlyTip 3: Eat heart-healthy foodsEat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acidsReduce saturated fatsIncrease soluble fiber Tip 4: Increase your physical activityTip 5: Lose weight Cholesterol is a fatty substance that vital in building healthy cells. Some forms of cholesterol help […]

How Group Counseling Can Help Overcome Addiction

Group Counseling

Show contentWhat is group counseling?What are models of group therapy?What are the benefits of using group counseling?Witnessing recoveryReduces the sense of isolationDevelop coping skillsStructure and disciplineFeedback Overcoming substance addiction of any kind is a lifelong battle. Studies show that addiction is quite similar to chronic diseases like Type II diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, which […]

5 Myths About Substance Abuse Treatment

group counseling

Show contentMyth 1: Going to rehab may result in negative consequences Myth 2: Rehab will cure my addictionMyth 3: Going to rehab a second time isn’t beneficialMyth 4: Rehab is expensiveMyth 5: You need to reach the end of the line before trying treatment options Substance Use Disorders, also known as addiction, are a severe problem […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Center

Doctor holding patient's hand. Rehabilitation and recovery from substance abuse. Complete Healthcare and Addition. A COMPREHENSIVE PROVIDER FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT

Show contentGoalsCostLocationCare typeRecreational activities  Over 840,000 Americans have died due to drug overdoses since the year 2000. Substance abuse is a severe and chronic issue for many individuals in the United States, regardless of age, gender, and other demographics. Active substance abuse can make life unbearably difficult for the addicted person and their loved ones. […]