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5 Effective Ways to Fight Addiction Relapses

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Addiction is a chronic disease that changes the brain’s structure in the presence of addictive substances like (heroin, meth, and cocaine). The changes push the brain into a mode where it constantly craves those substances. That’s why substance addiction is a never-ending race, and you have to constantly run against the odds. Relapses are the hurdles in this race that can throw you off balance during recovery programs.

However, you can prevent such relapses by following our five definitive ways to fight them.

Know your triggers

We can define triggers as any internal or external stimulus that causes the former addict to desire to use drugs or alcohol again. It can be a place with an emotion, old memories, or anything that affects you significantly. You cannot control the occurrence of a trigger. However, you can learn what your specific triggers are and avoid them. In case they’re unavoidable, you can find measures to cope with them.

Talk about your emotions

Recovering addicts often shut down emotionally to avoid conflicts and confrontations. This may work in the short run but often leads to more trouble later on. By expressing your emotions, you find a healthy means to let them out rather than keeping it all in and exploding after a point. You can talk about your feelings with your friends, family members, and even a therapist, counselor, or sponsor.

Join group counseling

Group counseling programs have been proven to be highly efficient in helping people during recovery from addiction. By regularly attending your group sessions and meetings, you can improve your schedule and overall well-being. In addition, it helps you watch other people’s struggles and learn from their experiences. You also get support and strength to try again when you relapse or suffer setbacks during recovery.

Follow a routine

It is impossible to plan out everything that may occur in your life. However, having a routine where you plan everyday events in your life helps you set a pattern that enables you to avoid triggers and temptations. It also allows you to adopt healthy living habits into your lifestyle.

Avoid boredom and stress

You may have heard this before: ‘ An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ There is a lot of substance in this age-old saying, and recovering addicts experience that boredom is their biggest threat against recovery. When bored, you go back to old habits and substances for stimulation. The same happens when you feel overly stressed. The best way to avoid this is to develop interests and hobbies that don’t let you get bored and provide a way to let go of stress productively. You can pick up hobbies you enjoyed in the past or discover new ones.

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