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The First Step

first step

Take the first step.

What is the “first step”? How do you know you are ready to battle your addiction? The cravings are real and seem to drive your attention to yet another fix.  You watch your family crumble. You can not hold a job. You look in the mirror and you see another person, someone beyond recognition. How did you get here? You try to rewind the clock to pinpoint the moment in time you began “using”, but even that is a blur.

You may have stopped praying long ago, but you know deep down, that God or your guardian angel is the only thing helping you survive the next day. Maybe you have taken many first steps and the redundant failure has put you in a realm of self-doubt and fear.

The “first step” can be a scary thought and overwhelming. You have become accustomed to your “addiction-self”. Is this the person you want to be? The answer is “No, of course not”. The journey, however, is yours. The struggle is every bit real. Maybe you feel powerless against your addiction. It is time to take your power back and stop your regrets. There is a greater purpose for you. The past is your journey to greater purpose. What you did a month ago, a day ago, an hour ago, all is part of the greater you. Take, for example, Kyle, an admired man in law enforcement. He had a family life many people dream of having. Kyle had a great job and was well-liked in his community. His world was shattered by addiction.

I am not telling you anything he would not tell you himself. His addiction brought him to rock bottom where he landed face-first into the cold concrete of a prison cell. Maybe you feel that same “rock-bottom” now and you do not need a prison cell to prove anything. The “first step” is all it takes to begin to turn your life around.

You don’t have to go on a “clean crusade”. You live your truth and that is how you turn your life around. Use your addiction to learn about yourself. You will learn more about “you” through your healing process and as you dedicate yourself to living clean of addiction. Once you realize what drives your addiction, you find your superpower.

Once you have found your superpower, you use your superpower to stay clean and live your life as the best version of “you”. Your superpower is your purpose in life. To find it, you take the “first step”.

The first step is the hardest. Kyle decided that the only place lower than where he was in prison, was death. Kyle realized addiction had taken enough. Addiction cost him everything except his life. It was time to get clean. He did not want to die.

You have the power to decide what is enough by taking your “first step”. You need to realize you are worth the first step. Pick up the phone and call Complete Healthcare Addiction. There are people there to help you, people who understand what you are going through and the struggles you are facing.

Kyle is clean now. He now works in helping other addicts and prisoners turn their lives around. He has realized his superpower and he is using it constructively. Kyle is in the middle of opening his own nonprofit business and rebuilding his life, at an amazing rate.

There is hope for you. You can overcome your addiction illness. Call Complete Healthcare today.

Complete Healthcare is “Where Hope is Found”.

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